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ION Holiday Party Plus

LED Lighting Effects | Product code: HOLIDAY-PARTY-PLUS | ID: 269933

ION Holiday Party Plus

ION Holiday Party Plus

Multicolor Projected Lights with Simple Outdoor Setup, Remote Control and Schedule Timer. Stake the Holiday Party Plus into the ground and you're done! With the included remote, you can control the power, color selection, motion, and the schedule timer. The Holiday Party Plus keeps holiday lighting interesting with red, green, blue, white, purple and orange lights that can work alone or together for a light show that'll turn heads. Your house is ready to grab attention, but the lights are also on your neighbor's home. With the snap-on ring, you can limit light coverage by up to 30%. Just because the holidays are over doesn't mean the party is. With it's weather-resistant housing, leave it outdoors to light up your next backyard get-together! Sets up in seconds-stakes into the ground or use the flat surface base, Includes remote for power, color selection, motion on/off, Ultra-bright LEDs in White, Red, Green, Blue, Purple and Orange, "Set-and-forget" daily schedule timer--- Lights turn on and off at the same time each day, Choose any single color or all colors, Internal motor creates constantly shifting patterns with countless effects modes, LED projection replaces hundreds of traditional lights, Provides coverage for up to 4000 sq. feet (80' W x 50' H), Weather-resistant housing-leave outside in rain or snow, NEW Snap On Ring Can Limit Light Coverage by 30%.

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