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Elac WS 1665 Satin Black

Hi-Fi On-Wall speakers | Product code: WS-1665-SATIN-BLACK | ID: 388320

Elac WS 1665 Satin Black

Elac WS 1665 Satin Black

Elac WS 1665 on wall speaker delivers high fidelity sound with Elac's acclaimed JET 5 AMT Tweeter and two woofers. It makes a great solution for listening rooms, offering a enhanced bass performance and discreet installations.

Designed to be mounted on wall, this speaker can be installed throughout the home, taking up little space and offering audiophile quality sound without the common positioning problems. A high quality cabinet with a depth of just 84mm comes in black or white and can be placed both horizontally and vertically on wall.

The powerful driver units make an ideal speaker to be used in large listening rooms or if higher playback levels are required. It can be used as sleek traditional centre speaker or along with other models as part of a two channel or surround sound system.

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Parameters and specifications

Power (Watt)


Impedance (Ohm)



Crossover Frequency

600 Hz, 3600 Hz


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