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How to buy


Standard order

At any chosen available product you can find a button Add to basket

After adding a product to basket, new window will be opened where you can set the amount you want to buy and perhaps choose an accessory.

The same shopping process applies to any of our available products.

Once you have got everything you need, click on the shopping cart icon in top right area which will show you the content of your basket and then click on Buy now.

The buying process consists of four simple steps.

In the first step you can see the contents of your basket, quantity and prices of products.

If you have a discount voucher, now is the time to insert it in the field called Voucher, click Apply discount and the price will reduce automatically.

If you received a gift while shopping, it will be shown among the other products, but with a zero price.

Second step lets you choose a method of payment and delivery method that suits you most.

In the third step you enter you billing and delivery information.

The last, fourth step is to review all the data. If everything is correct you can Submit order and proceed to payment

You will receive an e-mail notification as soon as your order reaches our system. E-mail notifications will also follow all the continuing phases in processing your order.

Order by e-mail

you can also send us the order by email.

A few basic information is enough for us to manually put in it our system:

  • The name of the product(s)
  • Billing address – name, surname, street and number, (in case of company costumer also VAT ID and company registration number)
  • Delivery address (if you want the goods to be delivered to address different than the billing)
  • Name and telephone number of the person picking up the package

You can send an e-mail with this information to e-mail address provided below

Please contact our customer service representative in English language.

English Support Paid Number (Mo-Fr 08:00-16:30) | Sat. - Sun. 10:00 - 18:00


Suggestions, complaints or compliments

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