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Viscount Domus 4 Elektronisk orgel

The Domus 4 is a powerful but versatile organ, enclosed in a compact melamine cabinet, therefore particularly suitable for the most circumscribed venues, also available with Style cabinet, without rolltop (S4). An organ that offers a unique organ...
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Elektronisk orgel Viscount Domus 4 Elektronisk orgel

Viscount Domus 4 Elektronisk orgel

55.879 kr

Produktkode: DOMUS-4 | ID: 1104705

Viscount Domus 4 Elektronisk orgel

The Domus 4 is a powerful but versatile organ, enclosed in a compact melamine cabinet, therefore particularly suitable for the most circumscribed venues, also available with Style cabinet, without rolltop (S4). An organ that offers a unique organ experience, but within everyone’s reach. 

With its 32 stops (+ 3 orchestral) and double expression pedal, the Domus 4 / S4 integrates important new features in terms of functionality and Editor. Equipped with the Viscount digital amplifier, it also ensures maximum efficiency and savings in terms of electricity and CO2 emitted. Domus 4 / S4, like all the organs of the Domus line, incorporates the amplification system with two woofers with the possibility of audio management via editor that guarantees a very satisfying sound experience. In the notes played, you will hear details of the organ pipe sound that, together with the many additional voices, give the maximum in terms of sound and flexibility.

The tabs, thumb pistons and display provide effective control over the entire instrument and have been ergonomically designed and arranged to respond to user requests quickly and easily. The display is located on the right side of the instrument. Many pistons are available for divisional and general memory levels. The arrangement is elegantly integrated with the instrument to allow a wide range of possibilities and customization, everything is at hand.

Domus 4/S4 is equipped with keyboards “Tracker Action” 2 x 61 notes, on which significant improvements have been made compared to the previous version, to achieve that “true feeling” sought by every organist. The feel provided by the keyboard is just that of the best mechanical traction thanks to the Tracker Touch effect, mixed with detailed algorithms, which will give you an unprecedented organ experience. Touch sensitivity is also particularly useful with orchestral voices or MIDI. For the most demanding organists the Domus 4/S4 is also available with optional wooden keyboards, including the outstanding AWK.

Sound Generation
Domus 4/S4 is equipped with Physis Plus technology, the powerful natural evolution of the well-known Physis that, thanks to the system Moris© (Viscount Deep Learning), it has made possible to achieve a sound credibility never achieved before. In fact, it is able to capture and elaborate new parameters typical of organ sound, making our physical models incredibly realistic.

An extensive selection of external connections is smartly and conveniently located underneath the lower keyboard. In addition to the standard connections, MIDI In-Out, headphones and stereo inputs, there is also USB pen drive to save and upload sound settings, and for MIDI song recording and playback. Master volume and reverb controls are conveniently located on either side of the output panel. On the rear of the instrument there are additional audio outputs: One subwoofer and two stereos for optional external speaker cabinets. The external audio can be adjusted with independent 7-band audio equalizers for each channel.

Domus 4/S4 has one Expression pedal that provides a fluid and precise movement – allowing complete control of the volume for Manual II and the Crescendo programmable up to 16 levels.

  • Technology - Physis Plus Advanced Physical Modelling
  • Manuals - 2
  • Total Stop Controls - 32 Organ + 3 Orchestral
  • Pedal - 9
  • MAN I - 11
  • MAN II - 12
  • Alternative Organ Voices -  5 or more on each tab
  • Alternative Orchestral Voices - 30 or more on each orchestral tab
  • Couplers - 3
  • Memory Locations - 1000 (000 - 999)
  • Memory Banks - 3
  • Total Memories - 3000
  • Piston Sequencer - Two thumb pistons
  • Pipe Sets - Baroque, Romantic, Symphonic + 3 assignable sets
  • Height (excluding music desk) - 119,1 cm / 46,9”
  • Height (including music desk) - 136,5 cm / 53,8”
  • Width - 126 cm / 49,6”
  • Depth (excluding pedal board) - 62,5 cm / 24,6”
  • Depth (including pedal board) - 113,4 cm / 44,6”
  • Weight - 115 kg / 253 lbs
  • Stop Controls - Tilt Tabs
  • Rolltop - Included
  • Laminated Wood    - Dark oak / Light oak
  • Bench
  • Orchestra and MIDI Sustain - Side Switch on Expression Pedal
  • Display Dimensions - 128 x 64 dots Graphic with Backlight
  • Stops Voicing
  • Divisional Volume
  • Tremulant - 2 independent for each division
  • Reverb - 8 presets
  • Ensemble Effect
  • Short Octave
  • Keyboards Inversion
  • Internal Routing - Programmable for each stop
  • Internal Equalizer - 5 Band Graphic EQ
  • MIDI Sequencer
  • File Manager - Load, Save, Backup, Restore
  • Lock Organ - With Password
  • MIDI In - MIDI Out
  • Aux In, Aux Out
  • Headphones Out
  • A-Type (USB pen) B-Type (Connection to Physis Editor)
External Outputs:
  • Channels - 4 programmable
  • Channel Assign - Voice, General, Sub, Reverb
  • Equalizer - 5 Band Graphic EQ for each channel, EQ for Sub
  • Routing - Programmable for each stop
  • Volume - Adjustable for each channel
Reverb System:
  • True Stereo Reverb - 8 new unique presets
  • Additional Parameters - Wet/Dry; Early reflection; Decay Time
  • Left/Right - Assignable to external outputs
Sound Amplification:
  • Internal Amplifiers - 4 channels Class-D amplifier - 150W per channel
  • Internal Speakers - 6 total | 2 tweeter | 2 mid-range | 2 x 8” woofer
  • Channel Assignable - Reverb LR | General | Sub

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Light Oak

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