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ONYX BOOX NOVA 3 Color is a device with an E Ink Kaleido Plus color 7,8” screen with the MOON Light technology and double touch control. Thanks to its increased screen, the capability to display colors and the possibility to make handwritten...
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Produktkode: 191890-ONYX | ID: 1041686


ONYX BOOX NOVA 3 Color is a device with an E Ink Kaleido Plus color 7,8” screen with the MOON Light technology and double touch control. Thanks to its increased screen, the capability to display colors and the possibility to make handwritten notes, this model will become an ideal choice for those who are planning to combine reading literature, working with documents and viewing comics.

E Ink Kaleido Plus is a new generation of screens made using "electronic paper" technology allowing you to display up to 4 096 colors. Thanks to the possibility to display a palette, this screen is convenient for reading educational literature and books with illustrations. The pixel density is 300 dpi in black-and-white mode and 100 dpi in color mode. Reading on this screen is as comfortable as reading from the page of a good paper book.

SNOW Field is an operating mode of the screen, allowing to reduce the number of artifacts on the screen within partial refresh. If this function is on, full refresh of the screen is not needed.

The MOON Light technology allows you to use the device in the dark or under poor lighting conditions. When this function is in use, soft luminescence of the screen comfortable for reading in dark rooms and safe for your sight is being generated. And thanks to the use of Flicker-Free technology this front-light system is perfectly smooth.

The ONYX BOOX NOVA 3 Color screen, enlarged up to 7.8 inches, displays 68% more information than similar 6" screens. At the same time, the device is compact enough for comfortable use during trips and travel. The E Reader has a compact body only 7,7 mm thick and at the same time it is equipped with a powerful 8-core processor. The 8-core processor with 1.8 GHz clock rate and 3 GB of RAM ensures comfortable work with the most difficult documents. And 32 GB of nonvolatile memory allows the user to store a considerable library.

The NOVA 3 Color has two sensor layers. A multi-touch capacitive layer is located above the screen surface . You can page e-books and zoom documents with intuitive two-finger movements . In addition, the Wacom sensor layer is located under the E Ink panel. Thanks to this, you can make notes on the margins and sketches using a special stylus which comes with the device. The stylus recognizes 4096 degrees of pressure and allows you to draw with extreme accuracy.

Protective glass from a well-known Japanese manufacturer ASAHI is placed on top of the E Ink screen and protects it from scratches and other damages. The new glass eliminated the need for additional edges, so the screen is flush with the body of the device. This makes the work with the e-book more comfortable, and its appearance more modern. In addition, a special coating reduces the likelihood of glare on the screen.

Thanks to a built-in Bluetooth module of the 5.0 standard you can connect an external keyboard or other external devices. A built-in Wi-Fi module allows you to use various network services and use the device to surf the Internet.

The device supports OTG, which allows you to connect additional peripherals that do not require the installation of additional drivers.

The BOOX software allows the user to open files of various text and graphic formats. When reading you can change font style and size, disposition of pages, insert bookmarks, add your own fonts and zoom documents at will. The BOOX allows the user to read documents in different world languages. Amongst them there are such languages as Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese and many others.

The software of the device allows you to install additional dictionary databases in the Stardict format at your wish or to download offered dictionaries automatically when you connect to Wi-Fi in the dictionary settings.

The device has an audio player so you can listen to music or audio books. For this purpose just run a corresponding file. You also can connect to the E Reader earphones or external speakers both Bluetooth or USB Type C.

The NOVA 3 Color is based on the Android 10.0 operating system, which allows you to install and use various applications. NOVA 3 Color allows the user to write personal software using the potentials of the Android 10.0 platform.

Low power consumption of the E-Ink display and battery capacity of 3150 mAh provides long-lasting autonomous work.

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E-book Reader




Understøttede formater




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Indgange og udgange




Pakkens indhold

USB kabel, Brugervejledning, Stylus



3150 mAh

Dimensioner og vægt

Bredde (cm)


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