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Strings for Free!


Have a backup!

2 sets of strings with your new guitar.


How to get the gift?
1. Treat yourself and buy any guitar in our e-shop
2. Enter the code 2XSTRINGS into the discount field
3. You will get 2 sets of strings with your purchase

For free with classical guitar:
Daddario Ej27h Student Nylon Hard Tension
Daddario Ej27n Classic Rectified Nylon Trebles

For free with electric guitar:
Pasadena PSE 1046
Pasadena PSE 1150

For free with your acoustic and electro-acoustic guitar:
Pasadena PSA 1152
Pasadena PSA 1047

The deal is available until the end of the month for all guitar purchases - regardless of brand or price!

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